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Limited stock!

Approximately 2”x 2” x .8” (5cm x 5cm x 2cm)



-35mm film cell

-Artifact frame

-Certificate of Authenticity


Film Size: 35mm

Format: Scope

Year of Movie Release: 2008


Hand-selected and cut from an authentic reel of film that once ran through a movie projector and played for audiences in a theater.


Some of our film displays may have light scratches or dust, but that’s what makes them authentic pieces of movie history! Please see all product photos. 


*Frame does not light up. Place or hold it in front of a light source to see your favorite movie scenes come to life!


Why does the image in this film cell appear horizontally squished? 

The image in this film cell appears horizontally squished, because it is from a scope film print. There are two common types of 35mm film prints: scope and flat. An image printed in scope appears thinner on the film itself compared to the way it looks when it is projected in the theater. That is because anamorphic lenses were used while filming to squeeze the image during capture inside the camera. When it was played for audiences in a theater, the projectors used an anamorphic lens to stretch the image back to its intended extra-wide aspect ratio.


Flat uses black bars to preserve the intended aspect ratio of the film without the use of an anamorphic lens to stretch it.


When it comes to collecting, both scope and flat have their benefits, and neither is more valuable than the other. The image in a scope film cell is squished to maximize the space used in the film frame, resulting in a larger image and higher resolution. A flat image is smaller on the film itself to allow space for the black bars at the top and bottom of the frame, but it is displayed in its original aspect ratio without appearing squished.

The Dark Knight 35mm Framed Film Cell - Joker In Jail