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Want to promote your page to over 10,000 people across our various social media channels by sponsoring a giveaway? Apply to sponsor one by filling out our form below! Sponsoring a giveaway starts at only $15 + $6 shipping— just the price of the product you choose from our site for your giveaway plus shipping to the winner. No additional fees!

This is a great way to get new followers, engagement, and eyes on your page. When you sponsor a giveaway with us, you choose how you want people to enter the contest— by following your page, subscribing to your channel, leaving a comment, etc. We are open to collaborating and working with anything you have in mind. Mentioning you as the sponsor every time, we will promote the giveaway through our website, our list of email subscribers, and across our various social media platforms on Instagram (over 10,000 followers), Facebook, and Twitter.  

The best part of all is it’s a lot of fun for everyone! 

Apply to sponsor a giveaway by filling out the form below! Filling out this form is not a commitment of any kind. It just gets the conversation started with us, so that we can talk with you and work out the specific details of the giveaway you have in mind!


Thanks for submitting!

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