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Limited stock! Very rare! Cut from an original 1977 film print.

Approximately 2”x 2” x .8” (5cm x 5cm x 2cm)



-35mm film cell

-Artifact frame

-Certificate of Authenticity


Film Size: 35mm

Format: Flat

Year of Movie Release: 1977

Year of Print: 1977


Why do these film cells have a red tint?

These vintage 35mm film cells are from an original reel of Star Wars that played in theaters in 1977. Unless kept in near perfect conditions, film may start to naturally fade with a reddish tint after many years. While some of the original colors may have faded, the red tint serves as proof of the film’s age, rarity, and authenticity.


Hand-selected and cut from an authentic reel of film that once ran through a movie projector and played for audiences in a theater in 1977


Some of our film displays may have light scratches or dust, but that’s what makes them authentic pieces of movie history! Please see all product photos. 


*Frame does not light up. Place or hold it in front of a light source to see your favorite movie scenes come to life!

Star Wars Original 1977 35mm Framed Film Cell - Rebels Captured

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